Trinity Lutheran Church Stained Glass and Sanctuary Art of Larry Gross

Trinity Lutheran Church is deeply appreciative for the creative ministry of Larry Gross, a former Concordia University Art Professor. The extensive contribution he has made in our setting for worship is for all to enjoy. The stained glass, chancel furnishings, fixtures, the reredos wall, seasonal panels, and the processional cross all have their origins in Larry Gross’s spirit-fed imagination and vision.

It is the gift of Larry’s imagination that much of his art references our community, our history and our present. His art touches our lives and connects us to God and to each other. The great Lutheran composer J.S. Bach was known for signing each composition with the letters SDG, Soli Deo Gloria, to God alone the glory. It is clear that Larry Gross set his sights on honoring the Creator, lifting up the Christ, and giving wing to the Spirit in all his work. We are thankful beyond measure to acknowledge him with a photo gallery full of his amazing work.

— taken from the book The Sanctuary Art of Larry Gross